In approaching Lotus for a tarot reading I knew her intuitive skills and natural understanding of the Tarot would empower the information and add a magical quality to the experience rather than being just a simple reading, and I was not surprised. I’d been stuck and unmotivated. I had tried many times to change my luck, energy, mind to get a new goal or goals happening. The reading was a two stage work; a traditional tarot reading with The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination, and then a reading for more clarification with the The Forty Servants deck. The readings pointed at deep healing that needed my attention, specifically dealing with betrayal and old wounds. Using the cards as clues to focus healing, I studied the reading often to check my progress. I used the reading basically as a scaffold or road map/contract for change and I did a lot of home work with it! The reading made so much sense and was so clear and complete I decided to milk it for everything I could. The Forty Servants cards supported the Tarot message, and I created an altar using the card sigils drawn on paper to empower the servants to help me attain this shift I was seeking. In the weeks following the reading, I’ve been so busy keeping up with the new energy and the shifts. I thank Lotus for the gift she shares, and enjoy this much needed focus and home work that’s kick started new things. The reading was sensitive, natural, and was really exactly the teaching I needed. The reading gave me direction with a magical edge. Wow! ~Heidilyn. S.