Imagine the Upper Sanctum as located in the top of a very beautiful and very ancient  stone castle, within a windswept and wild landscape. Or perhaps it is in a place of ancient stone columns and a cyan sea. It might be nestled within a travelling caravan, or maybe even deep within an emerald jungle. It could be comfortable and lush, a place of lit candles and thick incense smoke. Or a place of vibrant foliage and the sounds of wildlife. It is a place for study and a place for ritual. For inner journey. A place to connect with the divine.

This website is a work in progress, always, and is a place for me to have fun with creativity and aesthetics. I like to write, I like to decorate, and I'm very eclectic, which shows in that I cannot ever stick with one sort of style, in anything. My interests are vast and I never seem to focus on any one thing long enough to become expert at it. Instead, I jump around here and there, and then back again. Still, I am living my joy in the most authentic way I can. And the rest, well, I'm working on that.

What will you find here? Perhaps nothing of interest. But I do hope you may find something that might pique your curiosity about a certain subject or individual. I do sell cartomancy readings; in the menu hit 'Cartomancy' to go to that portion of the site. And I plan on selling a line of handmade products eventually. I am still in the knowledge and skills preparation aspect for that at this time. Mostly I have this site simply to connect with others, and to be able to have a sacred place to express myself. I would like to work a lot more on blog entries, and add so much more to this site.  Please know, you are welcomed here. x